Is There Such a Thing as a Temporary Tattoo?

A number of years ago the term "3 years tattoo" was advertised. The naïve who believed those ads, discovered after more than 3 years, they fell victim to the hustlers, and that the tattoo didn't disappear. In the end, these hustlers, in most cases, weren’t even tattoo artists, but beauticians, and so the tattoos they did were equivalent. To this day, victims of such hustlers come into my studio, and ask to fix, to cover or to get rid of these ugly stains. Theoretically, the ink which they used was meant to disintegrate into the body in time, and disappear. Realistically, this simply doesn't happen.

There’s no way to tattoo “less deep”, or something like that. To make the tattoo look proper – you put the ink in properly.

If you really don't feel like committing, and you want something that will disappear with time – you can do a "Henna tattoo", which disappears within a few weeks, or to stick a sticker which will come off in the shower…