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All the information here has been acquired from my personal and professional experience, throughout my years of working as a tattoo artist, and body-piercer.

It’s important to point out, advice you’ve gotten from other professional tattoo-artists/piercers, as well as tattoos or body-piercing care instructions, might be different or even contradict the information I’ve written here. I do not pretend myself as superior to them, and any of them will give you the information based on their own personal and professional experience. After choosing him as your tattoo-artist/piercer – you must follow his direct instructions. The guarantee I give you for a tattoo/piercing that I personally did – you’ll only receive in the condition that you followed the care instructions that I personally gave you, and vice versa. The information written here does not replace information you’ve gotten from any other professional tattoo-artist/piercer, and of course, does not replace doctor instructions.


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