Treatment instructions are essential for the perfect healing of the tattoo. If you don’t treat the tattoo as it says here – you are endangering the tattoo and yourself with irreversible damage. Every tattoo artist will remove his guarantee in cases such as these. And…yeah, a professional tattoo artist can see whether you’re to blame for the damage of the tattoo. So don’t play games with your health, and with the tattoo, which you and the tattoo artist worked hard for. Read well and do everything which is written. These are simple and easy instructions!

Explanations for the treatment instructions can be found in the article “Is it dangerous?”


* On tattooing day: Remove the bandage or the plastic wrap after 2 hours (in some cases you have to leave the plastic overnight. Pay attention to the artist’s instructions)
* Wash gently with water (not too hot) and delicate soap (recommended: baby soap), and dry gently.

* On the second day: Wash your tattoo morning and evening, as instructed above.

* From the third day on: Apply a thin layer of “Bepanthen Plus” (can be purchased in all pharmacies with no doctor’s prescription).

* Continue applying the cream 3-4 times a day for the first 2 weeks, then apply 1-2 times a day until complete healing of the tattoo.


Attention: Large tattoos may discharge liquids in the first few nights, make your sheets dirty and get stuck to them. It is recommended to cover your tattoo with plastic wrap before going to bed, remove it as soon as possible in the morning and wash the tattoo.

For the entire healing period:

* Do not expose the tattoo to the sun!

* A regular shower is allowed and even crucial to keep the tattoo clean and prevent infection, but you must avoid strong currents of water which could harm it.

* However, soaking in still water, such as a bath, a pool, the sea and so on, is totally forbidden!

* During the recovering period, the tattoo scabs and peels several times. This procedure may cause a strong sense of itchiness. Do not scratch or “help” the tattoo peel, under any circumstance!

* During the full healing period, you must keep the tattoo clean and applied with cream.
Wear only loose clothes, and avoid clothes or accessories that may chafe or rub against the tattoo, such as bag-strap, belt, jewelry etc…
Also, you should air out the tattoo as much as possible, and don’t bandage it.
In case you feel the tattoo is getting rubbed against the cloth, or if the environment you stay at is not clean enough – you may cover the tattoo with plastic wrap to protect it, but be sure to change the plastic regularly, and air out the tattoo as often as possible, to prevent infection.

* Would be best to avoid sports and stretching the skin of the tattoo, at least on the first few days.


** When the tattoo looks like part of the skin, it stops peeling and isn’t shiny – you will know that it is healed. Only then can you stop the treatment. Healing period averagely takes about 4 weeks, but it can be shorter or longer for different people, as well as different sorts of tattoos.


* Even after the tattoo has healed, it’s recommended to apply sunscreen-cream when being exposed to the sun, to prevent the tattoo from aging quickly.

* After healing – you should come back to the studio for a check up.

* For any further questions, please refer to the studio.