The piercing process includes a number of steps: disinfecting the area, marking the points of entry, puncturing, inserting the piercing and closing it, and bandaging (in a few piercing types).

The disinfection, inserting the piercing and closing it and the bandaging, takes a few seconds each. The puncturing itself takes one second, and the marking can take between a few seconds up to one minute – depending on the type of piercing your doing. This means that the entire process should take a minute or two. Add to that, the time it takes to consult with the piercer and his explanations, as well as choosing the piercing before the procedure, and the time the care instructions take. In addition, many piercers will ask you to remain in the studio for a few minutes extra, for observation.

In other words, the whole “shebang” shouldn’t take more than ten minutes, assuming that the piercer isn’t swamped with costumers. By the way, many piercers will accept you even if you haven’t scheduled an appointment, but none the less, you should carefully read the article: “How to Behave Before Getting a Piercing?”, and not arrive too spontaneously.