The care instructions are necessary for the complete recovery and healing of the piercing. If you do not attend to the piercing according to the following instructions – you are risking your health and might cause complications that would make you have to get rid of the piercing. In addition, any piercer would remove his liability in such a case. And… yes, a professional piercer will be able to tell if the damage is your fault or not.
So, don’t play with your health, read the instructions carefully and follow them accordingly. These are very simple and very important instructions!
Further details and explanations for the care instructions you’ll find in the article: “Is it dangerous?”


External Piercing

* Remove bandage (in case there is one) after 2 hours, rinse well with water and soap (recommended: liquid antiseptic soap. Can be purchased in any pharmacy, without a prescription), and dry gently.

* Dip an ear-bud in salt water (mix 2 tea-spoons of salt, preferably sea-salt, in 1 cup of tap or mineral water), gently clean the piercing and the surrounding area. With the ear-bud, melt and then carefully remove the clotted blood and secretions stuck to the piercing and skin.

* Perform this procedure a few times a day (as much as necessary).

* In addition, repeat the procedure after anytime the piercing comes in contact with water (shower, face-wash, going to the beach…).

* In addition, apply, 1-2 times a day, a very small amount of any antiseptic balm such as: “Vita-Merfen, Bepanthen-Plus, Polydine etc… Remember, the application is to be made only by the use of the ear-bud, and not with your fingers!

* It is also advised to rinse the piercing in the shower using a liquid antiseptic-soap, such as: “Polydine-soap”, “Dermax”, etc.


Oral Piercing

* Rinse the mouth 3 times a day in salt water (mix 2 tea-spoons of salt, preferably sea-salt, in 1 cup of tap or mineral water).

* In addition, rinse the mouth 3 times a day with mouth-wash (recommended: “Listerine”, can be acquired in any pharmacy), as well as after any eating or smoking.

* Rinse the mouth alternately: once in salt-water – once in mouth-wash, keeping a deference of 2-3 hours between each rinse, coming to a total of 6 rinses a day.

* In the first few days, swelling might occur, it is advised to cool the area down by eating cold or frozen food. This will help the swelling down.

* It is much recommended to decrease the amount of smoking cigarettes as much as possible.


** A piercing in the cheek or lip must be disinfected on both sides. On the inner side, that is inside the mouth, and on the exterior. Follow both external and oral piercings instructions.


Durations of healing process:

Tongue, Smiley, Underground, Genitals – 2-4 weeks.

Ear, Eyebrow, Nose, Cheek, Lip – 1-2 months.

Nipple, Ampallang, Apadravya – 2-4 months.

Navel, Industrial and other crosses – 4-6 months.


* Use your discretion! The periods above are average durations. If the piercing doesn’t look healthy even though the written duration has passed – continue to take care of it anyway until complete healing!


** Throughout the duration of the recovery period, do not touch the piercing with your hands, do not play with it or move it in any way!

** It is strongly recommended avoiding the use of drugs and alcohol completely, at least for the first few days.

** For any further questions please refer to the studio.