The natural tendency of the body is to automatically seal the hole, but the jewel prevents it from sealing it shot. If your piercing is new, it’s still considered a wound, and it will be very easy for the body to seal it – even if you take the piercing out for a short while.
In the first few days, even if you take the piercing out for half a second – you’ll discover that you’ve already “lost” the hole. As time passes by, the body will form within and around the piercing, a kind of tunnel made of tissue similar to your skin.
As the forming of this tunnel progresses, the longer it’ll take the body to seal the hole, and the longer you can leave the piercing out, without risking “losing” the hole. It’s important that you know, even if the hole doesn’t block – it shrinks slowly but surely, and you might realize your piercing is simply too thick, and doesn’t fit. If we’re talking about a piercing that hasn’t healed yet, don’t try pushing it in any way, you’ll just end up wounding the tunnel that is not yet fully constructed and is still sensitive, the area will become sensitive, bleed, swell up and this will make it even harder for you to insert the piercing. In the end, you’ll get fed up with trying, not before you’d managed to irreversibly damage the inner tissue!
So, the recommendation is, first of all, don’t remove the piercing by yourself before it has recovered completely. If for any reason you want to take it out, for instance, to replace it with a new one – it’s best to let an experienced piercer do it for you. But if you’d already taken it out, and you have to use force to put it back in – let it go. It’s a lost cause… Drop by the studio, and let the piercer try.

If you took the piercing out and didn’t put it back in, the hole, as said before, will block-up. The time it will take it to completely seal, varies depending on the location on the body, and by how long you have the piercing. Even a completely healed piercing, usually seals up eventually, it just takes longer than a new piercing. Very important, in the case of a new piercing, continue the treatment, according to the relevant, even after you took the piercing out – until the hole seals up completely.
The scar that will remain, if you take the piercing out, also varies according to how long you’ve had the piercing, before you took it out. The scar will be less noticeable as nearer you are to the day you got pierced.