Care Instructions

The care instructions are necessary for the complete recovery and healing of the piercing. If you do not attend to the piercing according to the following instructions – you are risking your health and might cause complications that would make you have to get rid of the piercing. In addition, any piercer would remove his […]

How Do I Pick a Piercer?

Never pick a piercer by: a close location to where you live, cheap prices, the nice add he put in the paper, or just because he’s a good friend of your sister… There are loads of great piercers around the globe, as well as a greater number of amateur piercers. The two main criteria you […]

Does it Hurt?

A professional piercer will perform the piercing very quickly. It’ll take a second from the moment the needle touches your body, to the moment it goes through to the other side. And certain types of piercings – will take even less than a second. And that is about how long you’ll suffer. What you’ll feel […]

Is it Dangerous?

A piercing is an invasive action, which requires knowledge, skills and experience to perform. If you’ve carefully read the article: “How do I Pick a Piercer?”, and followed the advice – you’ve got nothing to worry about, but if you haven’t – you have to consider the risks you’re exposing yourselves to. An unprofessional piercer […]

How Long Does it Take?

The piercing process includes a number of steps: disinfecting the area, marking the points of entry, puncturing, inserting the piercing and closing it, and bandaging (in a few piercing types). The disinfection, inserting the piercing and closing it and the bandaging, takes a few seconds each. The puncturing itself takes one second, and the marking […]

What Parts of the Body Can you Pierce?

Theoretically, you can pierce any part of the body you can imagine. I’ve seen photographs of piercing in shady places such as in the Achilles heal, or under the collar bone. But actually, the number of body-parts most piercers would agree to work on is pretty limited. It’s accustomed to divide the areas of the […]

What Happens if you Take the Piercing Out?

The natural tendency of the body is to automatically seal the hole, but the jewel prevents it from sealing it shot. If your piercing is new, it’s still considered a wound, and it will be very easy for the body to seal it – even if you take the piercing out for a short while. […]

What is the Minimum Age to Get a Piercing?

From a medical point of view, you can get a piercing of any kind, even if you’re 5, despite the fact that your body would have to grow significantly and piercing in certain areas – may damage their development. I don’t recommend piercing any part of the body, apart from the ear, nose, eyebrow or […]

How Should I Behave Before Getting a Piercing?

As I’ve explained in previous articles, a piercing is a – medically – simple procedure, and if you’re getting it done by a professional piercer – does not pose any health risk. None the less, there is a psychological aspect. A lot of you are probably nervous or stressed out before getting pierced, which might […]

What Types of Jewelry are there?

The selection of piercings you can get on the market is varied, and they are different in shape, material, and quality. You can also find different latches, to replace the common latch of standard piercings, and various additions you can attach to the piercing. If you’re only looking for a replacement piercing, for a piercing […]